Gatestone & Co. is a company that specializes in Contact Center, Business Process Outsourcing and Receivable Management solutions. We make considerable investments in human resources, employing professional agents globally. We understand that our corporate success starts by attracting the right people, developing and mentoring those that show potential, and taking steps to retain and promote our top performers.

How far can you advance
your career at Gatestone & Co.?

Gatestone’s comprehensive training program will prepare you for success. Our classroom and on-the-job training, paired with on-going refresher courses and one-on-one coaching will give you the opportunity to optimize your performance and earn short- and long-term rewards. Our program allows you to fast-track your learning and comprehension in order to reach your highest potential.

We believe that recognizing and rewarding superior achievement, providing career counseling, and showing our agents a concise career path can result in highly motivated and productive employees. As a Gatestone & Co. employee, achieving and exceeding objectives will not only equate to considerable compensation bonuses, but you will also be considered for the company’s management development programs.

Mentorship program
This 90-day program pairs you with a number of experienced agents who mentor you through one-on-one development and coaching, as well as through classroom training. This program allows you to fast-track your training in order to reach your highest potential.

Employee Engagement
As a company we understand the importance of keeping our employees engaged. We have invested in a full time dedicated Employee Engagement Officer to ensure employee satisfaction, engages and inspire staff and promote a positive working environment for all employees.

Promotions from within
A significant percentage of the professionals that comprise Gatestone’s current management and executive teams began their careers as Gatestone & Co. agents.

Promotions at Gatestone & Co. are based on merit, past performance, and leadership potential. We recognize our top employees and help them succeed.